When it comes to your Yorkie’s health don’t forget their dental care as well. In fact, your Yorkie terrier may share their human owner’s tendency of developing gum disease. So, following a regular regimen of good dental hygiene can keep your terrier from developing other health problems.

To keep dental disease at bay, feed your Yorkie terrier tartar control biscuits, bones and chew-eez which prevent buildup around the gums. Dental disease goes hand in hand with ‘bad breath’ also know as ‘halitosis’ which can lead to bacterial infection of the gums.

Not cleaning your terrier’s teeth can cause a build up of plaque and tartar which can damage the gums. The more build up the more damage which can lead to bone and tooth loss for your terrier. So, include regular brushing at least twice a week with regular check ups at the veterinarian to maintain their overall health.

Using toothpaste specially made for dogs can be found online as well as refreshing mouth rinse. Be sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush. If you are unsure about brushing your Yorkie terrier’s teeth, there are professional cleaning services available.

This simple act of brushing your Yorkshire terrier’s teeth twice weekly will ensure good dental hygiene for your dog and can prevent future illnesses as they age.

Caring for your Yorkshire terrier’s dental health is the most important part of maintaining their overall health to ensure a long and happy relationship with your terrier.

So there you have it, dental hygiene care for your Yorkshire terrier that will enhance the longevity of your terrier’s life and ensure a long and loving companion for years to come.