Ceramic dog bowls are a useful item, but are often passed over by pet owners. They opt instead for plastic ones, which aren’t nearly as good. The main reason for this is because they feel that ceramic bowls are more likely to break, as well as the fact that they cost more than plastic.

Plastic is actually just as bad for dogs as it is for humans. There are toxins in the plastic that leach into the food and water that is served to your pets. Most people have stopped using plastic dishes and baby bottles because of this problem, so why give your dog something you wouldn’t use?

Ceramic is not as breakable as you might imagine. For very excitable and bouncy dogs, it’s a good idea to get a bowl that is shallower and harder to flip over. That being said, dog dishes are designed to be stable and stay flat on the floor, preventing them from breaking. They are usually quite thick, as well, which makes it very difficult to smash them.

The great thing about using this type of dish for your dog is that it keeps everything very clean. These bowls are easy to wash out and they don’t absorb chemicals or the taste of rancid food. There’s nothing to turn the dog off the dish. For anyone who serves their pet wet food, this will reduce the smell that tends to linger afterward.

Ceramic is also handy for popping into the dishwasher. The heat of the dishwasher will kill any bacteria or germs and mean that the dish will be completely clean. This is particularly good for outdoor dogs. Food bowls outside tend to attract insects and rodents, even when empty because they contain microscopic bits of food. This can be very unsanitary and may cause the dog to become ill.

The heaviness of a ceramic bowl means that the dog can eat without having the dish sliding across the floor. That’s frustrating for an animal that doesn’t have the option of using hands to hold things still. A nice heavy bowl won’t scoot and he can eat in peace.

Look for a bowl that has a rim to help prevent food from flying out onto the floor. If your dog is a fast eater, this will prevent him from losing half his food as he attacks the bowl. It’s a simple solution to a very common problem. It’s also easier after the dog has been fed, since there won’t be food everywhere.

For puppies and canines that like to chew on bowls, ceramic dog bowls have another advantage in that they are not able to be chewed. The dog will learn not to try and won’t have bits of plastic lodged in his intestines as a result of gnawing on his bowl. These bowls are not only safe for dogs, they are actually healthier and cleaner options than many of the feeders out there. Make sure your dog stays healthy and get him an easily cleaned ceramic bowl.