Using a puppy training book to train your dog is one path to a happier pet and owner. Boundaries are one of the first and one of the most important lessons a dog will learn in her/ his life. puppy training books provide advice that is tested and proven to work.

Typically, puppy training books will produce a more well mannered pet. In addition, some people may not be enthusiastic about taking their dogs to weekly classes. You will find differing opinions on training dogs in each book, but the essential elements will be the same.

The best puppy training book for you should be one that fits your schedule. The idea is to have the dog bend to your will, not the other way around. In order to accomplish this, the owner should adhere to a rigid schedule for the first few weeks to allow the dog to acclimate her/ himself to your routine. In this way the dog will learn that in order to earn praise for not going to the bathroom on the carpet, it might be a good idea to go before you leave for work.

Used books are one way to be economical, as can be going out to the mall and online ordering. The environmentally conscious may choose to download an e book instead of buying a traditional print book. The advantages to this are that you have instant access to the materials, and you can print or take notes on anything in the e book that you need to have in hand.

Having a resource that draws on experience should also be a priority when choosing a puppy training book. More experience means more chances of success. Using the reviews on sites like can be helpful in finding out if a particular book is right for you and your dog. This will help in providing you with some steps to prepare for training your new dog.

As previously mentioned, you will find differing opinions and methodologies to training your dog. But be sure that the focus of your chosen resource is on positive reinforcement over discipline. While discipline has it’s place, it’s far more effective for the dog to lose praise for doing a good job and much more humane.

It can be difficult to choose a good book, but keeping the principles outlined below in mind will help you make a wise choice:

The puppy training book you choose should:

  1. Be well reviewed
  2. Be effective
  3. Be economical
  4. Use positive reinforcement
  5. Fit your own schedule