If it is determined that your dog does suffer from anxiety, an ideal place to begin would be with the use of a dog anxiety shirt, such as the Thundershirt. How and why does this product work? It is actually quite a simple design, with an anything-but-simple result. Thundershirt for Dogs is made up of a unique patent-pending design that provides a constant, yet gentle, pressure to a dog’s body, providing a very effect and dramatic calming effect, to a large percentage of dogs.

It has been shown that over 80% of dogs who have used the Thundershirt, have shown a significant improvement in one or more of the symptoms experienced with anxiety. When a body experiences anxiety, of any type, there may be uncontrollable nerve spasms, which may not be outwardly visible, that causes extreme unease within the body. The result can be very unsettling and incomprehensible to dogs, thus causing undesirable behavior as they try to deal with these feelings. Not such a great thing for owner or pet.

With the constant pressure provided by such products as the Thundershirt, dogs will be able to feel the compaction on their body, enabling them to focus their attention on something other than what is causing their anxiety. The way in which these shirts wrap around the dog’s body, ensures that their pressure points are focused upon, thus providing the greatest comfort and sense of security, as well as ease of mind.

For many years, swaddling has been a well-known and highly effective means of treating unease in babies with colic, as well as the use of constant pressure to relieve anxiety in those who have autism, pressure shirts for children who suffer behavioral issues, as well as the use of pressure to calm animals, by vets, for shots and vaccinations. A compact, constant and gentle pressure, equals reassurance and security.

Some may associate pressure with pain, however the type of constant pressure used with dog anxiety wraps, as well as those techniques mentioned above, is a gentle and constant pressure which is reassuring, gentle and focused on the most effective parts of the body. The gentle pressure “compacts” the nerves within the body, allowing a sense of calm and ease to come over the body. This, in turn, allows your pet to refocus their attention on the positive aspects of their life and not finding undesired ways to deal with their anxiety, a positive outcome for both pet and owner.