Dogs in dreams represent infidelity because male dogs have sexual relationships with any female dog.

Many people relate the image of a dog in dreams to the image of a loyal friend because this is the way they think about a dog in their everyday life. However, the dream logic makes different associations.

The meaning of all dreams is therapeutic. We have inherited a wild and violent conscience that keeps trying to control our behavior. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams works like a natural doctor, protecting the human side of our conscience from the absurdity of our wild side.

Immorality and infidelity are very destructive tendencies that can only ruin our lives. They are imposed upon our human conscience by our absurd wild side; they are not “our own” feelings.

We are human beings who love peace and happiness, while our wild side is a cruel and indifferent animal who loves what is bad because it doesn’t know how to find peace. It feels pleasure with terror and calms down with violence.

Its distorted nature is a result of a process of self-defense against suffering. It feels pleasure with the horrors of existence because it doesn’t know how to avoid them in order to live happily.

This means that the wild side of the human conscience is a true demon. It is the tragic result of the disorganized development of the primitive conscience.

In order to live peacefully and happily a live creature that has conscience of its existence must cultivate goodness and sensitivity.

Only a tiny portion of our conscience that has human characteristics has learned how to live peacefully, thanks to the existence of the wise unconscious mind that has saintly characteristics and provides us free psychotherapy in dreams not only from the beginning of lives, but from the beginning of our evolution as humans on this planet.

If you are thinking about cheating on your partner, or if you believe that someone should not respect moral principals because they are silly, you’ll see many dogs in your dreams.

Perhaps you fall in love with someone you shouldn’t desire and you are ready to betray your partner. You are in a very dangerous position because immorality generates terrorism. Immorality and infidelity work like poison in your life, destroying your relationships and ruining your personality.

You feel sexual pleasure with immoral fantasies only because this is the result of the interference of your wild and absurd conscience penetrating your human conscience.

The dog in dreams represents a very big danger. You must not let your wild nature dominate you, but respect everyone the same way that you want to be respected.

This is not a silly moral lesson but a serious warning that will save your mental health, and prevent many catastrophes in your life.