Dog training is an important aspect of owning and raising a dog. However many people do not fully understand the importance of dog training. It is not meant to turn your dog into some kind of robot who follows commands accurately and mindlessly. It is also not aimed to make your puppy into a show dog that can do tricks to amuse your friends. Dog training is all about making the bond between you and your dog stronger. It is about teaching your dog the basic rules to make him a safer pet as well as a pleasant companion.

Dog training is not about subduing your dog to follow your every whim; it is about communication. Regardless of your purpose for owning a dog, whether it is for company or for protection, you should train your dog so that you will not have any behavioral problems with it in the future. Dog training will turn your frisky puppy to a more docile dog that will obey your command and stay away from trouble.

Dog training is highly recommended regardless of your lifestyle or the breed of your dog. It is also recommended to start training your dog while still a puppy. This is because older dogs are more difficult to train. Sometimes, different dog breeds may require different dog training techniques. For instance, you can’t use the same technique to train a large Great Dane and tiny Chihuahua.

Simple dog training starts with obedience training. First, your puppy must recognize his name and be responding to it every time you call it out. You can then start to train him to come to you whenever you call him. Use the verbal commands come and here when you are calling him. Then you can start introducing some other techniques such as the sit command. You should start with the simple commands first and gradually advance to more complicated commands.

The importance of dog is to you’re your dog a disciplined and docile companion who can follow simple commands and keep away from trouble such as destroying your neighbors flower patch. Also, the goal of dog training is to make your dog safer, not only to you and your family, but also to everyone in your neighborhood. This is especially important if you have a large dog that can be capable of damage or injury. A trained dog will simply not run off to chase a cat and will not be aggressive to other pets, children and adults.

Dog training is not easy. You have to possess patience and perseverance to be always consistent in your commands so that your dog will learn faster and more effectively. You should also respect your dog. Remember that you chose him and he didn’t choose you. You should treat him right in the first place, because if you don’t you will end up with an unhappy dog who will likely run away from you and be quite difficult to train.

If you are truly determined to train your dog personally, you can find a lot of resource material on dog training in many books, manuals, pamphlets and others. It may be helpful to get some information about dog training even before you get a puppy. Sometimes pet shops will offer dog obedience training either for free or for a fee. Just make sure that it is attuned to the requirements of your dogs breed. You can also hire a professional dog trainer to assist you in training your beloved pet.