It is well known that dog jumping can become very embarrassing especially when they scare the heck out of our visitors. In addition to embarrassment it could have much more serious consequences such as legal ones which could easily happen if our dog jumps on kids or seniors who than fall down and hurt themselves in the process. It is clear that we need to find a way to stop dog jumping. In this article we will look into very simple way that uses one of the remote dog citronella collar models such as spray commander.

In order to be successful with stopping dog jumping training one should first know why dog jumps. There are many reasons why dogs jump. Some of most common are:

1. To greet people:

Dog have a tendency to jump up as a part of greeting. Unfortunately, at some point we find this funny and than by patting our dog or playing with him we have without knowing it reinforce this type of behavior. Since dog learns by building association this means for him that when he jumps up there will be some kind of reward coming his way. So, no wonder that he keeps jumping.

2. To show dominance

Jumping sometimes could mean that dogs displays his status of “pack leader” and it is very important to deal with this issue.

Using remote dog citronella collar to stop dog jumping.

Sometimes it is hard to get dogs attention and that is when spray of dog citronella could come very handy. Now, it is important to understand that this is harmless to our dog. However, dog does not like this smell and this will disrupt the unwanted behavior and give you opportunity to continue your positive training.

As we already mentioned the timing is extremely important when we teach our dog and the remote dog citronella models such as spray commander come with remote control unit and will deliver spray in timely manner for dog to pair jumping with that annoying spray. When dog displays positive behavior or follow sit command than we would reinforce with the reward. Very soon our dog learns that it does not pay off to keep jumping anymore for it would only mean spray of citronella.

Word of the caution here is that we should avoid the possibility that dog connects us with the spray and we can do this by putting citronella collar on our dog some 30-45 minutes before we start our training session. In addition dog should not see the remote control in our hand.

To prepare training we should have some treats handy and a friend who is willing to help us with the training. Than simply we would create the trigger for our dog to jump like our friend enters and dog jumps on him as a way of greeting him. We give “off” command but dog does not respond and that is when spray comes in. This will surprise your dog and when he responds in the way you thought him than you reward. This assumes that dog already knows basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “off”. Keep in mind, no yelling or repeating commands.

Along with this training efforts we should also make sure that we stop reinforcing dog jumping by making big deal when we come back from work. Finally, it is important to understand we should not be doing this type of training if our dog is sick in which case visit to your pet vet is a must. This would also include if unwanted behavior is part of anxiety-based behavior.