Do you want to stop your dog biting and nipping? If you have a puppy, then your task might be easier than you think. This is because the best time to start training your mutt to stop biting is when he is a puppy. Puppies are very impressionable, so if you teach them what is right and what is wrong from the beginning and enforce their behavior, you will be able to eliminate undesirable behaviors. However, if you do not have a new born puppy, you can still train your pooch to stop biting with these simple rules:

Discourage Dog Biting By Squeezing Your Fingers

To discourage chewing mouth. Gently squeeze your fingers together remembering now to reframe from hurting him. By doing this for 10 seconds, your mutt should realize that it is not good to bite. When you put your hand next to your dog next time and it does not bite, reward her immediately for positive reinforcement.

Put Foul Tasting Substances On Your Hands

You can either put foul tasting substances on your hands or wear gloves coated with bitter apple. Every time your pooch bites your hand, he will be repelled by the disgusting taste and hopefully learn to stop biting. Try not to solely rely on this tactic as your pooch may develop a fear of gloves more than the act of nipping itself.

Let Your Dog Know Who Is Boss And It Is Not Alright To Bite

Dogs respond to fearful situations and remember them well. If your mutt nips or bites, yell “AAAH!” very loudly, then chase your him or her away from you and act very scary like a monster. Remember to do this action immediately following the biting. If you let a time past before you take action, your pooch may not know what he is being punished for.

By following these steps, you will be able to change you his or her undesirable behavior. Remember that in no circumstances should you inflict pain. If you do so, terrible things can come from this.