Here in this article you will learn what you should feed your Siberian Husky depending on its lifestyle. A Siberian Husky may very well eat anything that it can find so it will be important to not leave any food lying around the house. The diet will differ depending on what kind of lifestyle it has. There are three mainly different lifestyles one may have. One will be a husky that is bred to race. Race dogs will have a different diet than a dog that lives at home as a family pet. Secondly is the family pet diet which will normally include good dry food with lots of protein etc but we will look into it in more detail in a minute. Thirdly the other diet will be ones that live out in the wild where they catch the food themselves which will include salmon mainly.

What not to include in a diet

Here are some foods and minerals that you should not include in a Siberian Husky diet: You don’t want to be feeding it any chocolate or high fatty foods as it will make the dog fat and shorten the dogs life. You also don’t want to be including pasta in its diet either has it is high in carbohydrates.

What to include in a diet living at home

A Siberian Husky that is living at home as a family pet will not be burning anywhere near as many calories as a working sled husky therefore a family Siberian Husky diet will require less calories around 800 a day. You will also need to include good vitamins and minerals in its diet. You should focus on foods high in protein such as chicken fish etc. For the family dog you will want to be feeding it good standard vitamins and minerals and protein. You may even want to try it on dry food which contains a lot of those minerals or you could make a meal for your husky out of meats like chicken, fish and mince.

What to include in a race diet

A race Siberian Husky diet will include the standard vitamins and minerals that a family Siberian Husky will need. However a race husky will be burning about 10 000 calories in the middle of the winter in a race therefore its diet will include much much more calories. A race diet will mainly include a lot of protein which will come from chicken fish and mince. A race one will just need a lot more than a family one. Special food mixes have been made for sled huskies which you could also use. These are very high in protein and essential nutrients.