Dog biting problems can pose a potential danger to your dog and everyone around him hence it is just right that you use the most effective way to get rid of this behavior – the Shar Pei training. Though it is definitely not a miracle cure, training your dog to be obey various commands is one great way to help him get rid of unpleasant behaviors such as biting.

The Shar Pei, just like other dog breeds, use their mouth to examine things and to interact with other dogs and their humans. And more often, people think it’s cute to see a young pup biting the feet or hands of his owner. But for sure you would agree that the sight wouldn’t look cute anymore if that puppy has turned into a 50-pound adult dog.

Biting is a natural behavior among dogs and it can be difficult to totally get rid of this behavior. But fortunately, there is that process called bite inhibition wherein it enables a dog to determine and control the force of their bite.

Start your Shar Pei training when you are playing with your pup. If he bites you, even if you are just playing and the bite does not actually hurt, let out a high pitched “ouch” to startle and interrupt him from gnawing your feet. Stop playing with him for a while so that he will figure out that the fun stops every time he bites hence must stop doing it.

If the initial process does not seem to work, another option is to leave the room for a while. Despite of his attempt to play with you, do not give in neither glance at him. This should be enough to condition his mind that biting will do him no good and will only cause him to lose the things he is fond of – you and your precious time and attention.