Stan Stuchinski, creator of the Secrets of the

Big Dogs program, once wrote a clever advertisement

that referred to the Big Dogs program as a S.C.A.M:

Strategically Coordinated Automatic Money Machine.

The Big Dogs program promotes an advertising system

consisting of hosting several FFA sites. This allows

practitioners to automatically advertise to every person

that posts advertisements at the FFA sites. This reverse

advertising is legitimate since posters to FFA sites must

agree to receive “confirmation emails” from those who

host the FFA sites, in order to post their advertisements.

Clearly the Big Dogs program is not a scam in the

conventional sense. Few would argue that it is a

S.C.A.M either–except as a marketing gimmick.

The program has stood the test of time. It was launched

on March 24, 2001. And since its creation, it has helped

several marketers make the transition from novice to

professional marketers.

The Secrets of the Big Dogs ebook itself introduces

readers to the world of Internet Marketing. But its

primary purpose is to promote the Secrets of the Big

Dogs Program. The fact that the program still exists

today is evidence of how effectively the ebook up-sells

the program.

There are many secrets of the big dogs that are left

out of the program. But there are enough fundamental

marketing concepts in the program to help a serious

practitioner become a very skilled Internet marketer.

Writing effective sales letters is critical in the Big Dogs

program; as the targeted prospects receive a large

volume of email.