Mange is caused by a tiny parasitic mite that frequently infects dogs. This article looks at the different types of mange mites and whether there is a home remedy for dog mange.

Dermodectic mange is a skin disease caused by reaction to these mites. These mites are usually passed from mother to puppy but cause no reactions as the puppy’s immune system is strong enough to keep them under control. When the immune system is weakened, or the puppy is stressed or malnourished, the mange mites can flourish. This causes irritation, itching and hair loss. This mange is much more commonplace.

Sarcoptic mange (also known as canine scabies) is caused by a burrowing mange mite that lays its eggs under the dog’s skin. This type of mange is highly contagious and usually only originally occurs in dogs in a very bad shape. It can however be easily transmitted and causes widespread hair loss, oozing sores and secondary damage as the dog scratches and bites at its own skin infection. Contact your vet if you are worried about this.

You can avoid mange or treat localized infections of demodectic mange in your dog by following these steps.

  • Groom your dog daily. This helps to get rid of dirt and tangles as well as spreading around the animal’s healthy natural oils.
  • Shampoo your dog with a herbal anti mange solution once every 2 months. More often than this and you will strip his or her coat of those important natural oils.
  • Spray your dog daily with a herbal anti-mange solution.

If your dog’s itching and scratching is widespread and so severe that he is harming himself, then it’s time for a visit to your vet.

However, you can keep most mange at bay by following these instructions. If the infection is localized you can usually treat it at home.