Is your dog suffering from blastomycosis disease? What if you could treat this horrible fungus by using natural home remedies? Well, don’t take my word for it… in this article you will discover some simple remedy you can start using right away to prevent the fungus to grow once you learn the symptoms.

You see, when a dog contracts blastomycosis, he develops sores on the skin that tend to ooze. It is a fungal disease that usually originates in the lungs then spreads to other parts of the body. This condition can easily be misdiagnosed because it causes symptoms similar to a viral infection or cancer.

What makes this fungal infection so dangerous is that it can be found at room temperatures, as well as yeast found in tissues. The most typical route of infection will be from inhaling of spores of the fungi from the soil, and once this occurs, it transforms to the yeast form found in the lungs, where it starts to grow.

The most important thing is to know the initial symptoms in your dog. Sometimes, dogs will have a gradual loss of appetite followed by weight loss, depression, and fevers. Your dog may also start to cough, develop eye problems usually accompanied by eye lesions, as well as a gradual lameness as the fungus spreads.

The most common treatment to cure blastomycosis in dogs will be an anti-fungal called Itraconazole. It’s a very expensive treatment and most vets will administer this drug for up to 90 days and will close monitor any progress. This drug has also been proven to be the safest of treatment that has fewer side effects.

Most pet owners who have dealt with this kind of fungus in their dogs will agree that blastomycosis treatment could easily cost over 1,000 dollars, and in the majority of cases, they may not survive.

However, more pet owners are now leaning toward natural remedy that can prevent this fungus from growing. Supplementing dogs with vitamins C, E, A and the B complexes will all be natural antioxidants against yeast and most fungus infections, but especially this one.

The other best home remedy for this is garlic, either raw or though supplements. It is known to be nature’s

best defense against fungus, bacteria, and yeast infections. It has often been called the wonder cure for fungus.