Discover why English Springer Spaniel puppies are a great choice as a family dog and as child companions. They can live up to fourteen human years, grow to be medium size and are very sociable dogs with an even-temperament and friendly personality about them. They have an eager to please attitude and are known for being loyal dogs but they also need loving attention and do not take well to being left alone. The English Springer is a dog that loves everyone and they work best with daily structure and rules. However if they feel that the ‘human in charge’ is lacking in leadership and authority then they can display their more dominant traits and attempt to take over the leadership.

English Springer Spaniel puppies require a lot of authoritative guidance to develop into the best dog they can be. At a puppy age, they are highly energetic and may challenge the leadership position. Owners need to have a sense of authority about them because if the springer feels that they have a stronger will than the owner then they will not be obedient. By the same token, while they respond to discipline they do not respond well to harsh discipline.

Having said that, English Springer Spaniel puppies enjoy a lot of exercising and the more they get the happier they are. However it should be noted that dog’s feel that the pack leader leads the way so therefore when it comes to springers it would be a good idea to run in front of them and never behind. English Springers also love to play fetch so taking the Springer pups to the park for a game of fetch is always a great idea and if the English Springers are not given enough exercise then they may misbehave. They are also lovers of swimming and water and will tend to get themselves muddy in puddles.

English Springer Spaniel puppies can be bred into two types; the field line and the show line. The springers have a natural aptitude for canine sports with strong agility, retrieving and obedience skills. Field line types are bred into hunting dogs and used for field trials while show line types are bred for competitions and conformation shows. Both types possess a lot of energy however field types will generally require higher exercising needs. When it comes to grooming the field type coats are easier to maintain with regular brushing all that’s needed to keep the fur in good condition. Show types on the other hand will require more attention with baths and shampoos every now and then. It is crucial that Springers with long hair are carefully maintained as sometimes unshaved hair beneath the ear can lead to ear infections.

Overall the English Springers are a great puppy for adventurous families to adopt and for people wishing to breed field and show lines out of them. The English Springer Spaniel puppies are easy to train and are known to respond well thus making them a good companion and a great hunting partner.