Dogs are man’s best friend. And it would be your pride and glory if your dog has solicited lots of admiration from others. To those who want to groom their dogs to become better and well-behaved pets, turn to SitStayFetch.

SitStayFetch is an online dog training course by Daniel Stevens. It is actually a 186-page book that guides you on how to properly deal with dog behavioral problems.

This book is broken down into various sections and each deals with different aspects. The first chapters of this book mainly revolves on some aspects like choosing a breed, canine growth stages, responsible ownership and a lot more interesting dog facts.

The following chapters of SitStayFetch now tackle on dog training. To help you fully understand this chapter; it is still subdivided into different parts so it makes it easy to reference and select each dog training program you want.

For example, there is a section on how to stop your dog from excessive barking, how to stop your dog from aggressive behavior, how to train your dog to obey your commands with both hand and voice signals.

But for those who have years in experience in dog ownership, the fourth chapter, which is a more complicated matter, can provide helpful insights. This explains to you on how dogs use their senses and what their body language means.

Other chapters in the book will talk about dog problems, teaching commands and the bane and boon of negative whispering.

With all the information given, the SitStayFetch is definitely the perfect product to dog ownership. Even the most trivial dog problems are discussed in this book.

The techniques presented in SitStayFetch are more practical based and not just theory. Hence it requires a lot of practice on your part with your dog in order to master it.

SitStayFetch also provides a free newsletter that contains helpful tips in solving other dog-related problems as well as updated dog training techniques from time to time.