What is this dog training method? Secrets to Dog Training offers an atypically spelled out and exhaustive examination of how you can both stop and resolve the more usual problem behaviors demonstrated by dogs. I’ve looked on the Internet trying to find sources to help me with my own sometime mischievous pup, and I’m impressed with the wisdom, practicality, and advice this online book provides.

And not just this, yet the data available is really (shocking) trustworthy, and this is not typical for this format. It’s really true, this book is a totally new concept. In this book “Secrets to Dog Training,” author and renowned dog trainer Daniel Stevens offers a vast wealth of knowledge that he has personally used to train some troublesome canines in his own extensive career at a trainer. Dog owners can also download a 3 minute video that gives no-nonsense answers to typical dog behavior problems.

Wondering what to expect?

The book contains a wide variety of information. Not simply the troubling behaviors are covered inside, the premise begins with new pet owner suggestions, such as how to go about picking out a puppy or dog, the best locations to obtain one from, puppy/dog proofing your house, information on breeds, your first trip to the vet, housebreaking them; and then it goes on to the more challenging material, such as mid-level obedience training, behavioral problems (including dominance, aggression, digging, chewing, separation anxiety, as a few examples), advanced tricks and orders, and health issues for dogs (including cat/dog cohabitation, fleas, allergies, heatstroke, et al).

Showing you what you can do to stop it, your dog’s goal to be the alpha dog is explained clearly in the 30 minute downloadable video presentation. So easy that you can test them on your dog right off the bat, this premise’s swift steps give methods for eliminating inappropriate behaviors like leash pulling all the way to house training.

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I Love Getting Something for Free, Doesn’t Everyone?

Receiving something gratis always makes you feel wonderful. Though my pack rat tendencies have caused me to buy things that were not a good investment before now, with this book, I am pleased to say that Secrets to Dog Training has not proven to be the usual disappointment; the free items that come with this manual are not simply many, but they are truly desirable (amazing!).

$39.95 is what you’ll pay for the book. This covers a comprehensive training manual, a guide to dealing with and preventing behavior issues, and a plethora of other tips and tricks to care for your dog.

Included in this long list of highly effective free content are four additional books, outlining in even more extensive detail on things like housebreaking procedures (box vs. paper), eliminating aggressive behaviors, proper grooming techniques (specific to particular breeds), safe trimming of claws, proper oral hygiene, and even special advanced instruction for preparing you dog for the duties of security.

This further includes yet an additional helpful free item: an individual consultation with a staff person from the Kingdom of Pets. If a situation comes up with your pup that you’d like some extra clarification on, simply write them an email and you’ll promptly be given individualized recommendations and specific guidelines outlining how to manage that particular problem efficiently.

Quite frankly, I would strongly suggest this fantastic package deal to any dog owner!