What is a Carolina dog? Can they make great house pets? Should I keep them away from my children? Aren’t they wild dogs? There are a lot of questions surrounding Carolina dogs, and some of the answers may surprise you. These dogs were discovered in the late 1970s, generally in the Southeastern part of the United States, and are recognized as wild dogs. In fact, they are nicknamed “American Dingoes” because of their similarity to the Australian Dingoes in appearance. Carolina dogs are recognized as a rare breed by the American Rare Breed Association, and as of now are not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Do Carolina dogs make for a good house pet? The answer to that is yes. In fact, they are easily housebroken, crate trained, and are not destructive. Of course, like most pets, you need to play with them, give them a lot of attention, and keep their mind stimulated with toys and games. You don’t have to keep them apart from your children. Carolina dogs are actually quite social. They enjoy the attention that children give them, bonding quickly and enjoy being included in all kinds of family functions and activities.

Will Carolina dogs play well with other animals, though? Generally, they will. Carolina dogs adjust quickly to new environments, tend to let other dogs take the lead roles, and will even get along wonderfully with cats and other pets. With the proper training, your Carolina dog may even welcome your family rabbit as a part of his own pack. They aren’t apartment dogs, so if you have a small living space then this breed of dog is not for you. They should be taken for long, daily walks and lots of room to play and grow.

Carolina dogs are more comfortable with their own family pack as opposed to total strangers, and if they are in a new environment they may be uncomfortable. While they do become friendly, that is not their initial response to everyone. They are protective of their own and will react accordingly until they do adjust to the new surroundings and people, like most herding dogs tend to. Carolina dogs, easy to groom and care for otherwise, is clean by nature, and is highly intelligent. Unlike many wild dogs, Carolina dogs seem to adjust quickly to a domestic environment, willing to be a loving and caring part of your family.