When you bring you new puppy home, you have entered a mine field of questions and possible problems. One of the biggest problems may be the huge variety of dog foods on the market these days. A puppy is a small animal to start with, but a small breed puppy will be tiny. This is a very delicate digestive system that you are responsible for and the easiest way to get peace of mind when it comes to their food is by making sure that they have the best organic small breed puppy food that you can afford.

One thing that we do need to get straight at the start is the term ‘a complete and balanced diet’. This is not just a marketing catchphrase. It is a valid description of the dog food. Only manufacturers who adhere to the AAFCO standards are allowed to use this description, and it can only be used in conjunction with food that has undergone the AAFCO trials. If you can feed your puppy with a specialist organic product that carries this wording you will know that you will be getting some of the best organic small breed puppy food available.

Many specialists in the field will recommend organic dry kibble as being the ideal puppy food as it will help to keep their teeth in good condition. Also, puppies love chewing, as you are about to find out! However, due to the size of your puppy, make sure that you get a specialist small breed variety as the pieces do need to be manageable. Whether you use dry food or canned food is, however, a case of personal preference. Some owners find that their dogs tend to prefer one over the other. You may find that you will make a decision as to which you think is the best organic small breed puppy food and then have to let your puppy decide whether you buy the dry version or the canned version.

You must make sure that you feed your puppy on a product which is specifically designed for small breeds. They have a higher metabolic rate than larger breeds and their bodies mature more quickly. They will need a high energy diet and will benefit from small meals being given frequently, rather than just one or two large meals. To get the optimum results out of even the very best organic small breed puppy food you must make sure that you follow the feeding guidelines.

There are many dog food manufacturers who will claim that theirs is the best organic small breed puppy food. Some of them will definitely not be telling the truth. Always look for a food that carries the AAFCO statement. If you wish to prepare your own food for your puppy, it is advisable to do plenty of research and always consult a specialist to ensure that you are including all the necessary nutrients. We know a lot more about dog diets now than when we used to feed them just on scraps from the table and we owe it to our pets to ensure that they get the best that we can give them.