Most people believe that just because they own a small, cute and cuddly dog that they won’t experience behavioral problems. However, they are soon to discover how wrong they actually are. When it comes to the Manchester Terrier dog breed, they are no different than any other. In fact, the breed is like any other in the fact that they too can develop bad habits. Most owners would love to deny the fact their beloved Manchester Terrier has any behavior problems.

One of the worst habits that can occur in a Manchester Terrier is if not properly trained in obedience; the dog can become quite stubborn and strong willed. Not only do the dogs become stubborn and bull-headed, they can also develop dominance issues as well; even with people. One of the best ways to discourage the behavior is to get the dog into an obedience class as quickly as possible.

Another problem that could show up in a Manchester Terrier is they do not do well when left alone for long time periods. If for some reason the dog is left alone for a long time, there is a good possibility it will become destructive. Not only does the breed tend to be destructive when bored, but they can get nippy with people as well. Many times the dog is misbehaving because they don’t get the stimulation and attention they need. The best way to curb destructive behavior is to make sure the dog is not left alone for a long time or to crate the dog when you have to be away longer than intended. Showing the dog love will also go a long way in discouraging the behavior.

Another annoying habit of a Manchester Terrier is that they become high-strung when they are around other dogs. Many of them can act out of control, an owner needs to show them extra love and the behavior should change rapidly. The breed thrives on love and attention. Another problem that can happen with the dog is excessive barking, however, most Manchester Terriers do it only for attention. All an owner needs to do is again show extra love, patience and attention and the problem should be easy to resolve.

Many times if the dog develops a bad habit, an owner is prone to thinking of it only as a bad habit. There are some cases where an owner can actually make the problem worse by making it into more than it needs to be. One thing many people do when owning a Manchester Terrier is forget to take the dog out for regular exercise. Destructive behavior can simply be the result of the dog not getting enough mental stimulation and having pent up energy the dog becomes hyperactive. Not only do the dogs get hyper, they also become mischievous and always seem to be in trouble.

When it comes to the Manchester Terrier breed and bad habits, the dog is truly not that much different than any other breed. In fact, there is no particular dog breed which is free from all types of problems. It is normal for any dog to have some bad habits, just like people.