If you are given a choice to pick your pet out of a lion, tiger and dog, you will happily pick the last one. This is probably because they are the most lovable, faithful and friendly animals around. Their attentive nature and obedience has made them man’s best friend. Like any other animals, dogs do have different breeds and they appear in different sizes and shades of colors. Despite their friendly nature, they do become very violent in need but it is not too common.

Based upon their breeds, they behave differently from each other. Some dogs are easy to train and kids will like those dogs very much. Some dogs are very moody and aggressive in nature and this can trouble their owners. While planning to get a dog, make it a rule that you feed them well and take good care of them in terms of grooming, bathing and fitness. You need to take a routine check that your pet is in perfect health at all times.

Doctors who are in charge of taking care of dogs are called veterinarians. They are able to take care of dogs and review their temperatures and give them shots so that they don’t suffer from worms or parasites. The existence of small organisms and parasites can affect their digestive functions so they will not get the required nutrients they need from the food. It makes the dogs incapable of eating and therefore lethargic.

Dogs have very strong senses and they can show their moods with their tails. If you find that a tail is wagging rapidly, it seems that pet is very happy. On the other hand, a stiff tail signals either that the dog is not happy, that it’s alert or is attentively listening to something. Apart from household lives, dogs play a pivotal role for military and police departments. In these domains, dogs are smart and well-trained.

You’ll also find that there are various clubs and agencies who organize dog shows. In these shows, you will come to see different types of dogs performing different acts by command.

Dogs are mammals and females will be very caring when they give birth. Mother dogs spend most of their time with their youngsters and safeguard them against any threat. In such situations, it is recommended that you do not allow your kids to come close to the puppies.

It sounds amazing when you see the pets perform according to the instruction of their masters. Dogs are very intelligent and capable of adapting to instructions fast. This is why you often find kids who love to spend their time playing with pets in garden areas or at home. They will lie down, stand on their feet and bring a thrown ball back to you. They enjoy it when you cuddle them, rub their necks and call their names. These pets are equally very emotional and tend to expect affection from you.

If you are looking to get a dog then you should know about the various breeds that are out there. Parents should get a dog that is very calm and easy to maintain. As the owner of a pet, it will be your sole responsibility to give it a healthy and pleasant life. Kids can gradually start taking care of the pets. In this way, a cherished companionship can develop.